The Key to Surviving Lockdown-6 Daily goals

Last week at The Skandi Co. we felt we were truly slipping into the depths of groundhog day (sound familiar?), so we picked up our mojos back off the floor and took some action. Goals, routine and celebrating wins are really important in keeping positive mental health, so we came up with six achievable personal daily goals to help us get through the week. We kept a tally board to record our achievements each day (who doesn't love the feeling of checking something off a list!) and - the best bit - we got to treat ourselves at the end of the week. If your mojo is needing a bit of a pick me up, join us with these daily wellbeing challenges, and see what difference they could make for you:

Our 6 Daily Goals 1. Choose a daily 30 min cardio exercise Nope, not another walk - something that will get your heart pumping. We chose a morning run; it gets us out of bed, gets the blood flowing, releases endorphins and is a great way to start the day with your exercise already done. 👍 2. Stimulate your mind If you're like us and have now watched e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g on Netflix, try switching off the TV and do something to stimulate your mind. Perhaps a learning a new language, reading a new book, draw, listen to a new podcast... 💡 3. Connection Especially important for those living on their own, choose one thing a day which involves connection (outside of work) with friends or family. Organise a zoom, a walk or phone call with someone outside of your household. 📞 4. Eat 5 Actually eating five serves of fruit and veg per day isn't as easy as it sounds! Challenge yourself with this daily, and nourish your mind and body with all the good stuff. 🥗 5. Zero Alcohol If you've found yourself reaching for the wine more often than you used to, you aren't alone. Challenge yourself to an alcohol-free week, and come Friday you can treat yourself to your favourite tipple! And it tastes all the better for it.🍷 6. Do something that makes your heart sing What makes your soul happy? Watch the sunrise, go for a walk in nature, cook, swim in the ocean.. whatever makes your soul sing - do a bit of that every day. ☀️ And the best bit? You get to treat yourself for your achievements at the end of the week! 💪 Choose something that you feel excited about and that will motivate you through the week as your reward. I ordered a takeaway and opened a bottle of wine, simple pleasures :) Change things up each week Variety is the spice of life, you can keep adding or changing things up each week - for example, one week you might to do something fun everyday, or go further into your healthy eating and cut out processed foods, it's up to you! Having these goals has certainly helped us and we hope it will help you too. If you want to share your progress with us, tag us on Insta or FB @theskandico. ❤️


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