This is the best organic chamomile tea to help aid sleep, relaxation and treating anxiety. Complemented by lemon and lavender based floral notes, this organic certified, loose leaf chamomile tea infusion with lavender and lemon balm is a calming floral tea, to relax and restore. The ingredients in this restful blend of herbs were carefully selected to calm the nervous system and help achieve a peaceful state.


40g – makes approximately 50 cups



Chamomile (Matricaria Recutita) | Lemon Balm | Passionflower | Lemon Verbena | Lavender


Chamomile Tea Benefits:

If falling asleep is not always easy for you, and you sometimes spend hours turning and tossing in bed, this organic Restful Tea might just do the trick. Stress and anxiety are ranking among the two leading causes for a lack of sleep. Chamomile is a herb with feathery leaves and attractive simple white and yellow daisy-like flower heads. Originated in Eastern Europe, the plant is now widely cultivated. The main benefits of chamomile tea include lowering stress levels, aiding sleep and protecting the skin.


Lemon Balm – Lemon balm is not only incredibly useful for people suffering from insomnia, but can also help with a cold sore. Furthermore,  it is often used for reducing stress, treating anxiety and indigestion. In order to increase its effectiveness as a sleeping aid, we combined it lavender.

Chamomile – Apart from leaving you feeling calm and restful, camomile is beneficial to your overall health as it has plenty of antioxidants and antimicrobial properties. Active components of the herb specifically relax the nervous and musculature system, which is why chamomile tea leaves you feeling calm.

Lavender – Additionally to smelling incredibly nice, lavender can help ease your mind and body and help you fall into a deep relaxing sleep.

Passionflower – Besides being used to treat mild sleep irregularities, researchers have found that passionflower may help adults manage anxiety.


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Herbal infusions are termed food grade therapeutics and are generally safe to consume while pregnant and nursing. Please consult your practioner for further advice. Not intended to diagnose in any way.


Blended by hand in Sydney using 100% natural and organic products and recyclable mateterials.

Restful Tea Box

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