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Our new 100 hour, double-wicked handpoured candle is made from 100% soy wax with soft, subtle and natural scents of blue eucalyptus, sage, lavandin & petigrain essential oils. A luxurious, natural, fresh and cleansing scent to add to any living room, bathroom or dining table.


What our customers say:

"In love with this new candle, the blue eucalyptus is so gorgeous and gentle, it's the perfect addition to my dinner table". Tracy, Sydney



800g, glass, gloss white, double wick, burn time 100 hours

Size: 8.0cm h x 11.0cm d 


The Origins of Samsø

Samsø is a Danish island 15 kilometers off the Jutland Peninsula. It only has 3,724 inhabitants called 'Samsings' and is just 114 km² in area. Due to its central location, the island was used during the Viking Age as a meeting place. We have named our newest candle after this beautiful island with fond memories of summer days spent here as children, and the warm, balmy, long Scandinavian nights telling stories around the fire eating Snobrød (campfire bread).


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Proudly made in Australia with locally sourced, natural and sustainable products.

Samsø Eucalyptus Double Wicked Scented Candle