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10 Steps to Hygge

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Hygge is a lifestyle concept deeply embedded into Danish culture and is arguably one of the reasons why Danes are rated some of the happiest people in the world.

So how do you experience Hygge? And what is it?

Hygge is a feeling of cosiness and well-being, the feeling you get in moments and places where you feel happy, warm, safe, comfortable and content.

Imagine this… you walk into a warm lounge room with a cosy crackling log fire, candles glowing, with blankets and cushions lining the deep sofas. Your favourite people welcome you in, you take a seat, sinking into the soft padding. You place your feet into your warm slippers and wrap your hands around a soothing cup of tea or lovely glass of wine. You take a deep breath out and peace surrounds you. You feel safe, content and as if your heart was being warmed.

This is a moment of Hygge [pronounced 'hue-guh'].

There are many things that help create a 'hyggelig' environment. See below some of the Hygge essentials that will get you on your way to experiencing it for yourself, and for our step by step guide read on:

10 Steps to Experiencing Hygge

  1. Devote some time in your day for a little undisturbed 'me time'.

  2. Settle down in a quiet, safe space where you feel at peace and can relax.

  3. Put your phone out of reach and unplug.

  4. Take time to be consciously present, notice your surroundings.

  5. Create a cosy atmosphere; light candles and fill the air with beautiful scents.

  6. If it's winter, light a fire, make a hot water bottle or heat up a wheat bag.

  7. Being comfy is key. Sink down into a comfy sofa or arm chair. Have a book or your favourite magazine within reach.

  8. Take some deep breaths and allow yourself to enjoy a moment of calm.

  9. Give yourself a hug from the inside with a warming cup of tea, coffee or a glass of wine.

  10. Rest tired or weary eyes with a soothing eye pillow or eye mask and let yourself drift into a state of relaxation, peace and calm.

Try these steps and you'll be well on your way to experiencing Hygge for yourself 💕.

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