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What is Hygge (and how to pronounce it)

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Imagine walking into a warm lounge room with a cosy crackling log fire, candles glowing, with blankets and cushions lining the sofas. Your favourite people welcome you in, you take a seat, sinking into the soft padding. You place your feet into your warm slippers and are handed a soothing cup of tea or lovely glass of wine. You take a deep breath in, and peace surrounds you.

This is a moment of hygge [pronounced 'hue-guh'].

Hygge is a feeling. A feeling of cosiness, inner joy, warmth connection and happiness. A feeling of pure contentment.

Originating from Scandinavia, hygge is more than a translated word, it’s a feeling. A feeling of cosiness, inner joy, warmth, connection and happiness. A feeling of pure contentment.

You’ve probably had many, many moments of feelings just like these, and experienced hygge already without even knowing it. The great thing about hygge is that it is completely individual, but it has one common thread – it makes your heart sing. It can be felt in many different places and moments, whatever and wherever makes you feel hyggelig [hue-guh-lee] is completely yours.

When I think of hygge, it's candles, an open fire (preferably together). A glass of wine or cup of Earl Grey on a comfy sofa, feet up, my best friend and endless chats. You feel relaxed and at peace, you might even just find your self grinning for no reason.

Growing up with a Danish mother and much Danish influence in our lives, candles were always lit, the fire was always on, cuddles a plenty. We were safe, secure and loved. The Danish way of life is so heart warming and wonderful, it is inbuilt in each Dane to make their environments 'hyggelig' - warm, comfortable and cosy.

what simple pleasures make your heart happy

A big part of hygge is being able to enjoy life's simple pleasures, embracing the moments that make your soul shine. Many people find hygge in their homes, food, nature, their friends, animals even. Think about the feeling you get when you make your favourite homemade meal, an autumnal walk in the woods surrounded by nature and sunshine, a snuggle with your dog on the sofa or an afternoon catch up with a friend with tea and cake. They're all 'ahhhhh' moments, where you take in big breath in and out and feel content.

My aim and vision for The Skandi Co. is to be able to spread this wonderful feeling of hygge through everything we do; bringing joy, happiness, comfort and pampering all the souls the wonderful people we share this earth with.

With negativity surrounding us constantly, the importance of wellbeing, caring for ourselves and for those around us could never be greater, and there couldn’t be a better time to bring a little more hygge into our lives.

For those that love a visual, I found this great illustration by Dani Dipiro on the essentials of hygge which I think sums it up brilliantly. What would you add to this list that makes you feel warm and content? I’d love to hear more in the comments box. Share them with us below.

Now, time to practice your best 'Huuue-Guh'!

With love,


Founder, The Skandi Co.


If you'd like to experience hygge for yourself, or give the gift of hygge, our range of Hygge Hampers have been designed to bring joy, comfort and relaxation. View our range now >

If you are interested in reading more about the Danish concept of Hygge, 'The Little Book Of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well' written by Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, is well worth a read.

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