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5 Reasons To Start Your Day With Lemon Water

Did you know about this little wellbeing warrior, L E M O N W A T E R⁠ 🍋?

All the self care that needs to happen before your day can actually get going can be overwhelming but this is one great body boost that’s simple in summer or winter and will leave you feeling great inside and out. A glass of lemon water in the morning is a simple, quick and easy way to boost energy levels and kick start your day.

Five big benefits of lemon water

1. Cleansing the liver and flushing out toxins

Lemon's natural cleansing abilities rejuvenate the liver. A squeeze of lemon juice in a lukewarm glass of water in the morning naturally pushes out toxins built up overnight and helps eliminates waste from the body.

2. Boosting the immune system

The high amounts of vitamin C, potassium and folates found in lemons will help boost your immune system and keep you fighting fit.

3. Remedy for skin problems

Lemon water is a popular remedy for many kinds of skin problems ranging from acne, rashes and wrinkles to dark spots. The rich antioxidant component to lemon water helps reduce free radical damage by improving the ability of the skin and DNA to repair itself.

4. Promoting digestion and increasing the metabolic rate

The acid in lemon juice helps break down food more efficiently and water naturally hydrates, promoting better digestion. A glass of lemon water in the morning will wakes up nerves in digestive system and liver to encourage good digestion, and optimal bowel movements. Lemons also help to increase your metabolic rate, thus allowing you to burn more calories and store less fat. They work to slow down the rate of starch digestion, helping to keep blood sugar balanced.

5. Weight loss

On top of the metabolic benefits, hot lemon water is also a refreshing and low calorie option to other beverages and soft drinks which will help detoxify your liver. Try switching one of your daily latte's or soft drinks for a glass of hot or cold lemon water each day, your waistline will thank you for it!

How to make lemon water

In order to reap the health benefits of lemon water, you need drink it consistently. When making lemon water, always use fresh lemons rather than artificial lemon from a bottle. And for extra self-care, TIP: before you use the lemons, pour boiling water over them first to dissolve the wax added to the skin during the production process. No waxy lemon water here!

To make lemon water, squeeze half a lemon into a cup of warm or cold water.

A simple trick we like is to use is keeping pre-cut slices of lemons or lemon ice cubes in the freezer. Having these on hand is a great way to add lemon to your water fast. Simply squeeze fresh lemon juice into ice cube trays and freeze or pre-cut lemons into slices and pop them into a zip-lock bag to easily grab in the morning. (These are also great for your evening G&T too!).

Start your morning with a mug of warm lemon water, or keep a pitcher of water infused with a few sliced lemons in your refrigerator to drink throughout the day.

Of all the wellbeing rituals, the unassuming lemon with all of its benefits, is by far our favourite!


If you're looking for more healthy beverage options, try our range of herbal teas to warm and nourish. If you like the taste of lemon, you might like our new Lemongrass & Ginger Tea.

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