7 Steps to Hygge

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Hygge is the feeling you get in moments and places where you feel happy, warm, safe, comfortable and content. This special feeling is not one you can create in the click of a finger; it takes time, love, care and being present. A big part of hygge is 'togetherness', being with the people you love the most, those who lift you up and you can sit with and chat endlessly in the surrounds of a warm, cosy space.

However, as we are all finding ourselves spending so much more time at home, with our own thoughts, our lives on pause; separated from the ones we hold dear; this is the perfect time to take some time out for YOU, switch off, relax and nourish YOUR soul.

These seven steps will help you on your way to experiencing a little hygge at home for yourself. Give it a try!

7 Steps to Experience Hygge

  1. Devote some time in your day for a little undisturbed 'me time'.

  2. Settle down in a quiet, safe space where you feel at peace and can relax. Forget about your devices and unplug.

  3. Create a warm, cosy atmosphere and allow yourself to enjoy a moment of calm, surrounded by beautiful scents. Light cosy scented candles, light a fire, get a hot water bottle or wheat bag

  4. Being comfy is key, so wrap yourself in your favourite blanket, woolly socks, and pile up the cushions. Have a book or your favourite magazine within reach.

  5. Give yourself a hug from the inside with a warming cup of tea or a glass of wine.

  6. Relax your muscles, warm your bones and get cosy with a wheat bag or hot water bottle.

  7. Rest tired or weary eyes with a soothing eye pillow or eye mask and let yourself drift into a state of relaxation, peace and calm.

This is a moment of hygge. Give it a try for yourself...

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