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Our Skagen Scented Hygge candle has the beautiful, naturally uplifting and soothing fragrance of lemongrass. As the northernmost destination in Denmark, Skagen is a renowned town with amazing light, combined with unique nature and white sand beaches. Our 100% soy natural handmade Skagen scented candle brings the freshness of the outdoors with its beautiful sweet lemongrass scents, and an added bit of velvet luxury to bring warmth and peace to any space.


Available sizes:


  • Large 660g (14cm h x 8cm w) Burn time 80 hours ($39.95)
  • Medium 310g (11cm h x 6cm w) Burn time 35 hours ($19.95)


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Proudly made in Australia with locally sourced, natural and sustainable products.

Skagen Lemongrass Scented Hygge Candle


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